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What You Don’t Know about Flower Mound Closing Costs Might Surprise You

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Jeff Brand & Associates is about Flower Mound closing costs. How much do I need? What are they? How can I save money on closing costs?


What are closing costs?

Closing costs are simply the fees that are tacked on to your real estate transaction by your lender, real estate agent, or other third parties that are part of the home loan or purchase in general. In Texas, closing costs might include the cost of the appraisal, survey, attorney and settlement fees, origination fees, credit report, and more.


How much do I need for closing costs?

Many buyers have a little sticker shock when they find out how much Flower Mound closing costs can be. Plan to have between 2-5% of the purchase price for closing costs. So for example, if you are buying a $300,000 home, you would want to set aside between $6,000-$15,000 for closing costs. Closing costs are frequently negotiable between the buyer and seller; however, in a very strong market such as Flower Mound and Highland Village, buyers need to be willing to pay the full closing costs with no questions asked if they want to get the home.

Your lender will supply you with a full Loan Estimate upon completing your loan application, providing no surprises when it comes time for closing.


Are there ways to save money on Flower Mound closing costs?

Your real estate agent and lender can work with you to determine ways to make the closing costs more palatable. For example, if you are strapped for cash, closing costs can be wrapped into the mortgage, with the only downside being you’d end up paying interest on them.


Jeff Brand & Associates – the best realtor in Flower Mound – can answer any questions you have about Flower Mound closing costs so that there are no surprises at closing. Our team can negotiate on your behalf, getting you the best deal on closing costs. Give us a call today!

Jeff Brand & Associates can answer any questions about Flower Mound closing costs!

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