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Fall in to Autumn: Things to do around the House - Jeff Brand Team

Jeff Brand Team - The Real Estate Experts


Fall in to Autumn: Things to do around the House

Weatherizing Your Home

With the start of school and cooler temperatures, chillier months will be here sooner than later. We at Jeff Brand & Associates compiled a to-do list to get ready for fall and subsequently winter. Get ready to beat the heat and embrace the upcoming fall months!

Clean the gutters

Clogged gutters can cause severe damage to your home. Before the leaves fall, clean your gutters and then cover with mesh guards to keep them clean of debris. Fix any sagging gutters and replace any downspout brackets that are worn. Keeping your home’s gutters clean will keep you from pricey repairs.

Store your machinery

Make room in your shed or your garage to store your outdoor power equipment like your lawn mower, edger, trimmer and leaf blowers for the fall and winter months. They’ll be used less once fall ascends upon us.

Get furnace serviced

Call now to have a professional come out to inspect your heating system before fall gets here to avoid long wait times. When your furnace runs efficiently, it also helps keep energy costs low. Also, be sure to clean or replace dirty furnace filters for maximum benefit.

Inspect the roof

Walk the perimeter around your house to check on any roof leaks or bad shingles. Without a properly functioning roof, you could get water damage which can cause deterioration to your homes’ insulation, wood or drywall. Not to mention, assuring the roof is solid will help with the heating costs during the cooler months.

Check the fireplace

Get a reputable chimney sweep to come out and look for any flue blockages as well as check the damper – which is the metal plate that’s opens and closes the flue. Confirm that it’s working properly and that there are no blockages.

Whether you clean gutters or check the furnace, these tips will help to ensure you and your family stay safe this fall season. Welcome cooler weather!



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