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Jeff Brand Team Real Estate Blog

Jeff Brand Team - The Real Estate Experts


Clear the Clutter from your Home in 4 Easy Steps

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Whether you are looking to sell your home in 2019 or just want to live in a more clutter-free space, The Jeff Brand Team in Flower Mound, Texas can help. Here are a few of our top recommendations on how to clear the clutter from your home:


Step 1: Make a Plan


When you begin to de-clutter your home, the task may seem stressful and overwhelming. Instead of jumping into everything all at once, have a strategic plan to break it down into pieces. Make a list of individual tasks – master bedroom closet, junk drawer in kitchen, guest bedroom, etc. – and then plan to tackle them one-by-one. Need help getting started? Check Pinterest for lists to help you divide it up and clear the clutter easily.


Step 2: Categorize Your Stuff


As you begin each task and try to decide what to keep, evaluate each item and put it in a category:

  • Keep: You love it and want to find a space for it.
  • Throw Away: This includes broken items, items with missing parts, or anything else you know hasn’t been used in years.
  • Donate: If there is anything that is useful and not broken in the throw out pile, move it over to the donate section for those less fortunate. This is a great category for gently used clothing and accessories.
  • Not Sure: Have some décor items you like, but not sure where to put them now? Put them in a box, store for a year, and if you haven’t touched these items in a year – plan to donate or sell them.


Step 3: Find Everything a Home in your Home


Once you determine what to keep, make sure those items have a permanent place of residence in your home. When things have a place, they are more likely to get back to that place or be easily found when needed.



Step 4: One in; One Out


As you add new things to your home, think about removing others. For example – as your child gets new toys, determine which ones they don’t need and remove those. It prevents future clutter build up and clear the clutter.


Need help with home staging or de-cluttering to list your home this Spring? Call The Jeff Brand Team today and let us help! We offer professional home staging services to our clients. It’s just one reason we’re the #1 realtor in Flower Mound, Texas!

Continued Growth in North Texas: Amazon Names Alliance Airport a Regional Hub

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

The market in North Texas remains strong, with a strong economy and continued growth as new businesses move into the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

The latest to announce a move to North Texas: Amazon. 

Amazon to Take Up Residence at Fort Worth’s Alliance Airport

Earlier this month, Amazon named Fort Worth’s Alliance Airport as a regional hub for its shipping process. Amazon said they have already begun building at Alliance, adding infrastructure and buildings for more shipping, sorting, and daily flights. Alliance has been working to attract new business like Amazon, with a spokesperson saying they had recently added runway space, a project that cost $260 million and is expected to help large cargo planes fly in and out of the regional hub. Alliance already has other commercial clients, such as FexEx, that has up to 30 flights a day coming in and out of Alliance.

amazon alliance airport regional hub

Alliance Area Continues to Grow

The writing is on the wall for the area surrounding North Fort Worth and Alliance Airport. The latest move from Amazon is just part of a greater master plan by Alliance, called the AllianceTexas development. It’s a 26,000 acre project that will is estimated to bring many more businesses and jobs to the area. 

And with more jobs, comes the need for more homes. Neighborhoods like Harvest, Canyon Falls, and Trailwood in Argyle and Flower Mound are sure to see home sales continue to climb due to their proximity to the Alliance area. 

The Amazon announcement is just the latest is a string of announcements about growth along the northern I-35W corridor. If you are interested in buying a home in Argyle, North Fort Worth, Northlake, or west Flower Mound, let The Jeff Brand Team help you find the home of your dreams in an area that will continue to increase in value. Call us today to get a jump on what’s available before the market starts picking up again for the Spring season.

Best 2019 Paint Colors: Top Paint Companies Make their Predictions

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

2018 is coming to a close and many are already wondering what 2019 might bring. Of course, as homeowners we all want to know what the newest trends are going to be. The Jeff Brand Team is curious too, and we recently saw that the top paint companies have all made their predictions for the best 2019 paint colors. Ready to hear their thoughts? Read on –

Pantone: Living Coral 

Pantone chose Pantone 16-1546, AKA Living Coral, as its choice for the 2019 Color of the Year. The color is warm and vibrant, but probably best used in moderation when decorating your home. If you choose to use Living Coral in your home, make it pop in an accent wall or with lots of neutrals surrounding it. 

Photo Credit

Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan 

Benjamin Moore is staying on the gray train and predicts Metropolitan as its best 2019 paint color. If you like cooler greys – and many homeowners do – then this one has that going for it, plus it has the ability to shift colors between green, blue, and greige depending on the light. If you’re comfortable with a grey that adds dimension, this is a great choice.

Photo Credit

Sherwin Williams: Cavern Clay

Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams is an interesting choice, as it’s similar to the Pantone Color Living Coral, yet more brown. Think adobe Southwest meets modern desert design. It’s a tricky color for home design and one we’d recommend using only if you enjoy modern contemporary design and are using a palette of whites, soft greys, and blacks to balance the strong color as an accent. 

Photo Credit

Behr: Blueprint

Behr’s prediction for best 2019 paint color is Blueprint, a soft navy or chambray color that pairs well with greys and warm woods. It can add depth and warmth to offices, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Steer clear of strong blue walls in the kitchen.

Photo Credit

Kelly-Moore: Peacock Blue

Also on the blue trend, Kelly-Moore chose a rich, dark blue called Peacock Blue. Lovely as an accent, it could replace blacks and dark greys throughout the home on accent walls and cabinets. 

Photo Credit

What do you think? Do you like the predictions for best 2019 paint colors? If you’re thinking of selling in 2019 and want some expert advice of Flower Mound home staging and painting, call us today at The Jeff Brand Team for a free in-home consultation. 

Boost Your Home Value Now with these Affordable Home Improvements

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

If you own a home, then you care about its worth.

This is especially true if you’re getting close to selling.

Whether you are toying with the idea of selling your home in 2019 or just want to boost your home’s worth (and who doesn’t?!), consider these affordable home improvements from The Jeff Brand Team that will boost your home value now:

Garage Door Replacement

If you’re wanting to sell your home soon, then this is a no brainer. Outdated garage doors make the whole home look old, but a new one modernizes your home – and get this – gets nearly 100% return on investment. At the time of sale, you’re out basically nothing and your home likely sold faster and for more money because of the improvement. 

Refresh Paint

This is the cheapest item on our list and definitely one of our most recommended home improvements to those looking to sell their home. Paint is uber-affordable and we’ve seen a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout a home boost the home value by thousands. Not sure what color to use? Our complimentary home stager at The Jeff Brand Team can help you choose the perfect color – and make your home look fabulous for showing.

White Wall Renovation Painting Wall Paint Roller

Spruce up the Landscape

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance at a first impression.” For that reason, landscape matters. If you’re selling in the near future, consider fresh landscaping and expect to recoup over 100% of the cost at the time of sale! 

Front Door Replacement

For the same reason that landscaping makes a strong impact, front door replacement also rates highly when it comes to projects that give you the most bang for their buck! Refresh the appearance of your home with a beautiful steel or glass paned door. 

Have we given you a little food for thought? Want to talk more? The Jeff Brand Team is here to answer any and all questions you have about home improvements that will boost your home value instantly! Proudly serving the entire North Texas community, including Flower Mound, Argyle, Justin, Lantana, Highland Village, Grapevine, Southlake, Lewisville, and more.  

Cozy Touches that Sell Homes in the Winter

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Yes, even with all the holiday hustle and bustle, prospective buyers are out there looking for the perfect new home, and North Texas continues to be a hot spot for buyers!


If you’re planning to sell your Flower Mound area home during the holidays or winter months, then here are a few simple winter home staging tips from The Jeff Brand Team on how to add cozy touches that will sell your home fast – and for top dollar:


  1. Turn on the Fireplace


Nothing says “come stay awhile” on a cold day like a warm, toasty fireplace! Fireplaces are a huge selling feature to buyers, and by firing yours up, you’re adding an opportunity to make yours shine and stand out with winter home staging. Plus – it will keep the house nice and warm so buyers aren’t worried about insulation issues.

  1. Heat it Up


Speaking of keeping your home warm, this is a must when prospective buyers come see the house! When a house is cold, it gives an unwelcoming feeling and might make potential buyers wonder if the home is well insulated or expensive to heat. Just plan to set the thermostat a little higher during showings and winter home staging and you’ll be glad you did.


  1. Use Holiday Décor to Your Advantage


If you’re planning to sell your home in the next month, then festive holiday décor is perfect for helping buyers picture themselves enjoying holiday celebrations with their family and friends in the home. Just avoid anything over-the-top and keep it classic and simple. However, if you’re home is still on the market when Jan. 1 rolls around, be sure to get that holiday décor down asap!


If you’re in the market to buy or sell a Flower Mound area home over the next few months, we’d love to talk with you! The Jeff Brand Team is the #1 realtor in Flower Mound for a reason!

Why the Best Real Estate Agents are RE/MAX Agents

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

The Jeff Brand Team prides ourselves on being the best real estate agents in Flower Mound, and one of the key competitive advantages that we have is that we are not just agents – but RE/MAX agents. What does being a RE/MAX agent mean? Here are a few reasons why the best real estate agents are RE/MAX agents:

  1. Power in the RE/MAX Name

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in Texas who couldn’t tell you what the RE/MAX balloon stands for! Our brand recognition is high, and customers know RE/MAX agents are the some of the highest trained, most well equipped in the country. Fun fact: Did you know that RE/MAX actually has over 90 hot air balloons around the world, creating the world’s largest hot air balloon fleet?

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

Did you know that RE/MAX real estate agents typically get about 70% of their business from repeat business or customer referrals, while other agents average only 30%? That’s huge! It shows the level of care and customer service that goes into each transaction, care that leads customers back to our door again and again.

  1. Superior Training

RE/MAX agents aren’t just the best real estate agents by chance. The RE/MAX network prides itself on ongoing agent training that leads to more knowledge in those critical moements when you want your agent to know what to do! RE/MAX agents are also shown to hold more advanced professional designations than their counterparts, showing an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Ready to buy or sell a home in Flower Mound, Lantana, Lewisville, Highland Village, Argyle, or the surrounding North Texas cities? Call the best real estate agents in Flower Mound at the Jeff Brand Team! We are equipped to get the best price, in the least amount of time, and get your real estate transaction closed smoothly each and every time!

Flower Mound Home Staging: How to Stage a Home with Pets

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Selling a home with pets – while you are living there – can sometimes be a challenge.


While you love and adore your four-legged best friend, there are certain buyers that will find a home with pets to be a turn off. In order to maximize the number of interested buyers, follow these tips from the Jeff Brand Team on Flower Mound home staging and how to stage a home with pets:


  1. Remove Signs of Pets


Walk around your home with fresh eyes and hide any evidence of your dog or cat. Litter boxes, water bowls, etc. should be neatly put away and out of site.


  1. Handle Repairs


One of the joys of having a pet is that it often destroys something. You may have become accustomed to some of the things your pet has damaged over the years – baseboards, carpet, etc. – but a potential buyer won’t be so forgiving. These damaged areas from your pet can make a buyer feel like the home is not well taken care of. Instead, have these things repaired before the home ever goes on the market.

  1. Deep Clean


Whether you have pets or not, it’s always a good idea to have your home deep cleaned before it hits the market. If you do have pets, a deep clean will help to neutralize any pet odors that you’ve become accustomed to and give your buyers the sense that your home is well cared for and fresh.


  1. Vacuum Often


If you’re showing your home and have pets, plan to vacuum daily to keep pet hair at bay. You may be used to seeing pet hair on the furniture or wood floors, but potential buyers are not.


If you are planning to sell your home and need Flower Mound home staging tips, please call us at the Jeff Brand Team today! There is a reason we are the #1 RE/MAX agent in North Texas and the best realtor in Flower Mound!

It’s No Trick – Paint Colors Can Affect Your Flower Mound Home Value

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Thinking of doing a little redecorating before the holiday season?


Whether you are going to sell your home in the next year or in 10 years, being mindful of the paint colors you choose in your home is important. While you want your home to reflect your own personal style, there are certain colors that will boost your Flower Mound home value – and others that turn off buyers and hurt your home value. Read on to learn more from the Jeff Brand Team:


Steer Clear of Highly Saturated Colors


Many buyers find bright, bold colors in the home undesirable. Steer clear of highly saturated hues like bright red, orange, and purple. If you want to decorate with these colors, choose a small space or accent wall to highlight them or work them into your décor (think throw pillows or blankets) that can be easily changed out in the future.


Grey, Beige, or Greige Exteriors are Best


A study by Zillow found that homes that had a grey, beige, or greige exterior sold for more money than those with a bright color or plain white accents. When looking to repaint the exterior, choose neutrals. Want a pop of color on the exterior? The front door is a good place to add personality – with a stylish blue or red door.


Buyers will Pay a Premium for Neutrals


The last thing a buyer wants to think about when the buy a home is repainting. In fact, Zillow found that buyers will pay a premium for homes with neutral colored living spaces. If you don’t want to paint everything neutral now, just know that a fresh coat of paint before your house hits the market can go a long way.


Blues are Calming


If you want to add an accent of color, blues are the #1 decorating color right now. In fact, blue has a calming effect and can make your guests – and potential home buyers! – feel right and home. Blue is the #1 accent color for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. One place you shouldn’t add it? The living room. Zillow found that blue living rooms (paint color that is) negatively impacted home value.

Thinking of selling your home in the next 18 months? Call the Jeff Brand Team today to set up a consultation on Flower Mound home staging, paint colors, suggested renovations, and more that will increase your Flower Mound home value.

Watermere at Flower Mound: New Housing Options for Seniors In the Works

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

As the population of Flower Mound ages, it becomes more apparent our need for more housing options for those older citizens who’d like to stay close to home, all while finding a home that better suits their current lifestyle needs.


Several Flower Mound luxury active adult communities have gone up recently – Orchard Flower and The Legends of Flower Mound among them – but there is also demand for senior rental communities.


Watermere at Flower Mound

Developers have been working with the Town Council to put into action a plan that would create just the thing in Flower Mound, Texas: Watermere at Flower Mound. The developers currently have communities in Frisco and Southlake and feel that Flower Mound is the perfect location for a third Watermere.


The proposed senior rental community would be east of 2499 and south of Dixon Lane, adjacent to Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound. The property could house somewhere between 300-350 seniors throughout the community’s various 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, townhomes, and senior family homes. In addition to housing, Watermere at Flower Mound offers lots of flexibility in terms of packages that can include dining, housekeeping, linen services, garages, covered parking, and more. Once more, Watermere will be perfectly situated adjacent to many of the area’s best dining, retail, and medical options, including the Flower Mound RiverWalk District.

Developers are hoping to have approval on the project by the end of November, with construction happening throughout 2019, and the community open in 2020.


Flower Mound is one of the best places to live in North Texas, so it’s no surprise that more developers want to bring their communities to Flower Mound. Looking for senior housing options in Flower Mound? Call the Jeff Brand Team today and let us help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget!

Transportation of the Future: What’s on the Horizon for North Texas

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Texas is a big state and getting from city-to-city can take half a day. Want to spend more time weekending in Austin or Houston – and less time in the car? Consider these innovative modes of Dallas transportation in the works now for North Texas!



Beginning in 2020, Uber plans to unveil a whole new way to get around the city: UberAir. UberAir will start out in 3 test markets worldwide – DFW, Los Angeles, and Dubai – showcasing urban air taxis that will be a cross between helicopters and airplanes. These air taxis will initially be operated by pilots, but over time, the goal is to make them completely automated. UberAir’s air taxis would land on their own skyports on specific routes throughout the city.

High Speed Rail

The premise here is a bullet train that travels 200 mph. Proposed: the Texas Bullet Train, slated to open as early as 2024, connecting Dallasites and Houstonians in about 90 minutes time. This project has been subject to much opposition, but shows the most promise in terms of bringing new modes of transportation to North Texas the most quickly.



Wish you could get to Austin in 20 minutes or less? It may be possible with the new Virgin HyperLoop One tube travel system that would push people through at nearly 700 mph! The brainchild of Tesla and PayPal founder Elon Musk, the Texas Hyperloop – dubbed the Texas Triangle – is proposed to move between Dallas, Austin, and Houston.


Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles are in the works now and are currently being tested in Frisco! Wouldn’t it be nice to take a little snooze during that long commute while your car drives itself?!


You can learn more about these amazing Dallas transportation options of the future here.


Which one interests you most? At Jeff Brand Team, we’d love to hear from you!

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