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Jeff Brand & Associates - Real Estate Blog

Jeff Brand & Associates - The Real Estate Experts


Is Your Home’s Thermostat Set for Energy Efficiency this Summer?

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Our days are heating up and summer is almost here! If you can feel the temps rising outside, then it’s time to reevaluate your summer thermostat settings and make sure you are maximizing them for summer energy efficiency in the home. Here are a few tips from Jeff Brand & Associates that will help save you money this summer!


  1. Set Your Programmable Thermostat

Most modern homes have a programmable thermostat, and if yours isn’t set, this is a simple and easy way to maintain comfortable temperatures while lowering your bills. Simply plug in your wake times, leave times, sleep times, etc. and the thermostat will do the rest! Energy savings without the headaches!


  1. Raise the Temperature over 78 While You are Away

While you’re setting that programmable thermostat, be sure to raise the daytime temperature while you are away. In the summer months, maintaining a temperature even a few degrees above 78 degrees during the day can result in a 5-15% reduction in energy bills. 78 degrees is a great daytime temperature to maximum savings while you are home, all while keeping your family comfortable.

  1. It’s a Myth that Raising and Lowering Your Temperature Throughout the Day Costs More

It’s a common myth that raising the temperature during the day – and then cooling it back down at night while you’re home – is actually more expensive than maintaining a set temperature all the time. Research shows that this simply is not true! Even the Department of Energy agrees, saying this method of thermostat setback is the way to go in terms of energy efficiency and saving money.


  1. Adjust Temperatures During Vacation Periods

Don’t forget to adjust the program on your thermostat before leaving for vacation! Most thermostats will allow you to put a hold on it for X number of days before the settings will kick back in to action. When returning from vacation, resist the urge to overcompensate and set the temperature lower in an attempt to cool the home faster. This does not cool the home any faster and it can lead to over cooling – and higher bills.


Jeff Brand & Associates is your go-to resource for all things related to Flower Mound real estate! Call us today if you are in the market to buy or sell in Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lantana, Argyle, Grapevine, Coppell, Lewisville, and the surrounding areas.

Protecting Your Investment: Evaluating Your Home’s Grading and Drainage 

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Spring rainfall in North Texas has its perks, but this period of moisture followed by a hot, dry Texas summer often creates shifting soil – which leads to foundation issues. Not to mention, is your lot equipped to handle proper drainage that pulls water away from the home? As you begin thinking about summer maintenance, here are a few things you need to keep in mind as it relates to your home’s grading and drainage:


What is Grading & Drainage?

Simply put, grading and drainage refers to the way water is designed to flow through your lot. These grading and drainage plans are very important here in North Texas, specifically in the hilly areas of Highland Village around Lake Lewisville and in west Flower Mound. If not done correctly, it can lead to water flowing toward your home – and not away from it – causing issues with your foundation, pipes, and even flooding.

How Can I Prevent Drainage Issues?


  • Walk the Perimeter: The first line of defense against grading and drainage issues in Flower Mound is to walk the perimeter of your home and look for any spots where water appears to run toward the home. This is especially easy to evaluate after a big rain or after watering, when water may still be present.
  • Clear the Leaves: If gutters are still stuffed full of fall leaves, it’s time to get them clean! Clogged gutters encourage overflow and prevent proper drainage.
  • Evaluate Downspout Positioning: Look at each of your gutter’s downspouts and make sure each is pointing away from the foundation and allowing water to flow freely in the other direction.
  • Create a Swale: If you have many uneven inclines in your yard, a swale might be the right answer. A swale is simply a trench that is dug to sea level that runs along the contour of the incline. It helps to disperse water evenly away from the home.


If you are getting ready to buy or sell a Flower Mound home and are concerned about it’s grading and drainage, call Jeff Brand & Associates today! We’re happy to evaluate the home and can recommend professionals to mitigate any issues.


Buying a Home? 4 Questions to Ask Sellers While You Can

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Sure, you’ve read through the Sellers Disclosure and your Home Inspector has walked the home and pointed out problems, but anyone who’s purchased a home knows there are always things that come up that you didn’t realize before you moved in.


If the seller is going to be around during the final walkthrough or at closing, these are both great times to ask additional questions that they may be willing to answer because it won’t jeopardize the sale at that point. Here are 4 questions to ask sellers while you can:


Is there anything else we should know about the house before moving in?

You are already going to know if there is something the matter with the home, but you may not know what a particular light switch does or why the texture looks different in certain spots. These are all things you can – and should – address with the seller while they are still around, as it will save you hours of trying to figure it out yourself.


Can you tell me about the neighborhood?

If approached in a lighthearted, conversational way, the seller will likely tell you everything you need to know about the neighbors and the neighborhood itself so it’s one of those great questions to ask sellers while you can. It’s also a great time to ask them about what products and services they use locally. Are there certain grocery stores or insider shopping tips that they can share with you? You can even ask who does their lawn care service, pool maintenance, etc.

Can you help me locate the water shut off valve, sump clean out, etc?

Many inspectors will point these things out to you, but some won’t. Don’t wait until you need to know where things are to find them! These are great questions to ask sellers while you can and ask them to help you locate these things if you don’t see them.


Is there anything you’d like to get rid of?

As you approach closing, you can ask your realtor to ask their realtor if there is anything they’d like to leave behind, and you may be surprised about what they want to leave you! Also – if there is a piece of furniture or something else you especially liked and would like to buy from them, be sure to ask! You never know if they’d be willing to part with it for a good price.


If you’re interested in buying a home in Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lantana, Lewisville, or the surrounding areas, call Jeff Brand & Associates today!

4 Reasons You’ll Love Living in a Flower Mound Golf Course Community

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Whether you play golf or not, living in a Flower Mound golf course community has its perks.


In Flower Mound, we have two beautiful neighborhoods with golf courses – Bridlewood and Tour 18 – both of which would be great options if you’re looking for a new home. When weighing the pros and cons of a potential home in a golf course community, consider these perks:


Additional Privacy

If your home backs up to the golf course, then that means your backyard neighbors are even further away. It’s true, you’ll see players coming down the fairway from time to time, but don’t expect to see anyone during the evening hours and you won’t feel boxed in by neighbors peering down into your yard from behind.



Want to get 9 holes in? It’s much easier to squeeze a tee time in when the clubhouse is minutes away. If you are an avid golfer, then living in a Flower Mound golf course community will be an enjoyable and rewarding way to expand your hobby.

Property Values

In general, golf course communities hold their values more than other neighborhoods because 1) a golf course comes with a perceived level of prestige and 2) the grounds are often impeccably maintained. Who wouldn’t want to look over beautiful rolling hills, bridges, and fairways as they drive through their neighborhood?



If your Flower Mound neighborhood has a golf course, then you can bet it has other amentias too! Pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, and neighborhood events – most golf course communities are family-friendly with tons of activities and social events to keep the entire family entertained and plugged into their community.


If you are interested in buying a home for sale in a Flower Mound golf course community, call Jeff Brand & Associates today! As the top real estate agency in Flower Mound, we often know about homes before they even hit the market. Call us today and let’s talk.



One Story vs. Two Story – Which Flower Mound Home is Right for You?

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

When you being the search for a new Flower Mound home, sometimes the options can seem overwhelming. One such option: one story vs. two story. Before you even begin the search for your dream home in the Flower Mound area, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions to determine whether a one story or two story may be better for your lifestyle:


Are Stairs an Issue?

While many like the look of a grand staircase inside the front door, stairs can sometimes be a challenge for multiple reasons. First off, if you have little ones, you may want to consider what baby gates and other devices you’ll need as your child gets more comfortable with walking up and down safely. Also consider how many times a day you may be going up and down – does that bother you? Lastly, if you plan to stay in your new Flower Mound home for your golden years, consider whether or not stairs could be an issue for mobility reasons.


What are My Expectations for Yard Size?

If the square footage is spread across 2 floors instead of one floor, generally speaking, your home can have more yard space. This is not always the case, but something to consider when considering Flower Mound ranch style homes and other one story homes.


Will I Be Bothered by Noise Upstairs?

If you are considering a 2-story Flower Mound home, think about the placement of upstairs game rooms and playrooms. Are they above living spaces? Will you be bothered down below if there are loud thumps and thuds? Even homes without this will experience some creaking and noise from above, so these are factors to consider.


If you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase a new Flower Mound home, then give Jeff Brand & Associates a call today and let us help you find the home of your dreams! Our team of realtors are experts at finding great homes for sale in Flower Mound, Highland Village, Argyle, Bartonville, Lantana, Grapevine, and the surrounding areas.

Flower Mound Remodeling: Home Improvements that Give the Best Return on Investment

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

It’s time for Spring cleaning, and whether you’re planning to sell your home this spring or just want a refresh, many homeowners are thinking about Flower Mound remodeling.


If you are planning to sell your home in the next few years, it is important that you consider the project’s ROI before beginning. Jeff Brand & Associates is here with 6 home improvements that give the best return on investment in Dallas, Texas according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Return Report:


  1. Stone Veneer – 131.4% ROI

Does your home have siding on it? Consider switching it out for a manufactured stone veneer and expect to get just about all your money back at resale. Buyers love the look of stone in Dallas and we expect you’ll love the curb appeal too.


  1. Garage Doors – 127.8% ROI

It’s amazing what a new garage door can do for overall curb appeal! If yours is dated, consider looking at a new carriage house style door or at least one with a fresh, current paint color.


  1. Entry Door Replacement – 123.5% ROI

The front of your home will be warm and inviting with a new entry door, and with over 100% ROI, you can’t go wrong. Choose a decorative option with glass and iron detailing, or replace it with a basic steel door. Either way, you’ll recoup the cost at resale.


  1. Deck Addition (Wood) – 92.7% ROI

The weather in Texas is great for outdoor activities, so adding a wood deck is a great Flower Mound remodeling project for outdoor enjoyment and resale. Add benches, built-in planters, and an arbor cover for maximum appeal.


  1. Minor Kitchen Remodel – 84.5% ROI

A minor kitchen remodel – replacing countertops, replacing appliances with energy efficient ones, replacing cabinet doors with current shaker style doors, painting cabinets, trim, and walls, and replacing fixtures and lighting – will yield you nearly a 100% return on the sale price. It’s the reason smart realtors are always encouraging you to spend money in your kitchen and on your master bathroom.


  1. Minor Master Bathroom Remodel – 72.7% ROI

And that brings us to the next item on the list – master bathroom remodel. A minor remodel including new tile, new countertops, new sink, and new fixtures is a great way to recoup your money at resale.


Want some help capitalizing on your investment? Call Jeff Brand & Associates today for a free in-home consultation. Our Flower Mound real estate market specialists can give you expert advice on Flower Mound remodeling projects that are right for you.

Stone veneer and new garage doors – great ways to increase ROI on your Flower Mound home!

The Price is Right – How to Price Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Real estate pricing can be tricky.


Too high, and it sits on the market untouched for a few weekends and then you drop the price.


Too low, and you’re leaving money on the table.


It’s difficult to know exactly what your home is actually worth and how to price your home to sell, and that’s why it’s important to call an experienced realtor like Jeff Brand & Associates to price your home to sell for top dollar. The right realtor will know what to do to get the job done. Here are a few tips on how to price your home to sell for top dollar:


  1. Check the Comps

Most people know what comps are, but it bears repeating. In order to determine the right price for your home, it’s important to evaluate other comparable properties in your area and price accordingly. For example, if a home of similar square footage just sold down the street, then there’s a good chance your home is worth about the same.


  1. Evaluate Renovations and Updates Accordingly

An experienced Flower Mound realtor can give you a rundown on what return-on-investment you can expect from a kitchen remodel, master bathroom remodel, in-ground pool, firepit, and more. Some will recoop the entire renovation cost + some (think master bathroom remodel), others might not be quite as much. We can tell you how to price your home to sell.

  1. Give Yourself Cushion for Negotiation

It’s all a mind game. Consider pricing your home a few thousand higher than where you’d really like to be, just to give a little wiggle room in price. That way, when a buyer wants to negotiate, you aren’t losing anything and the buyer feels like they got a deal.


Ready to find out how much your Flower Mound home is worth and what you should list it at? The Flower Mound real estate experts – Jeff Brand & Associates – are here with answers! We’ll use all the latest software and methods to get you the best price for your home. You can even start on our website by filling out the free home valuation form here.

Does Your Flower Mound Real Estate Agent Have Enough Experience?

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

With the market as hot as it is in North Texas right now, many people think they can just use any Flower Mound real estate agent to get the job done – and all will perform equally.


But is this presumption correct?


At Jeff Brand & Associates, we hear sentiments like this a lot and we cannot stress how important it is to find an experienced Flower Mound real estate agent. Not sure if your prospective agent has enough experience? Here are a few questions to ask before signing on the dotted line:


How Long Have They Been in the Business?

Each transaction your agent has under their belt helps him or her navigate the waters with your particular transaction. And in a hot market – you want someone who isn’t going to ruin the deal because they didn’t have the experience to back up their decision making process. When snags occur throughout the process (and most likely there will be a curveball or two), the more transactions your agent has completed, the more knowledge they have on how to handle this particular situation with the best end result for you – their client. Ask how many times they have renewed their license and approx. how many transactions they closed last year. (An industry standard is 10 per year, but top producing, experienced agents will do many more.)


How Are Their Communication Skills?

With such large transactions hanging in limbo, you need a Flower Mound real estate agent who is going to keep you in the loop every step of the way and stay on top of YOUR business. An agent’s communication skills are a reflection of his or her organization and time management abilities, both of which are also crucial in finding a great agent to represent you.


What is Their Reputation in the Area?

Ask around and see if anyone you know (bonus points if it’s someone in the industry) has heard of your agent or has any feedback on past experiences with them. An experienced agent will have a positive reputation in the community – both with other agents and with industry experts, like title companies, mortgage lenders, tradesman, etc. These relationships are vital to a positive closing and are a reflection of your agent.

Jeff Brand & Associates are truly the real estate experts in North Texas! With years of experience under our belts – and as a top producing RE/MAX Agency – our team can guide you through the buying or selling process smoothly. Call us today if you are looking for a real estate agent in Flower Mound, Double Oak, Highland Village, Grapevine, Lantana, Lewisville, Copper Canyon, or the surrounding North Texas communities.

Safest Cities in Texas: Highland Village and Flower Mound Make the List

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Highland Village and Flower Mound are known for being family friendly communities with excellent schools, and a recent study adds yet another accolade to the list: 2 of the safest cities in Texas!

On Tuesday, the National Council for Home Safety and Security released a new study that evaluates the crime levels of each Texas city and rates them based on crime levels. Highland Village came in as the #3 safest city in Texas, while Flower Mound was named #9!


The study works by reviewing the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics and population data. Communities that failed to send their crime data to the FBI got eliminated from the rankings, along with cities with populations under 10,000. The cities that remain are then ranked on their crime data, which is broken down by violet crimes (which are weighted higher) and general property crimes per 1,000 residents.


Other North Texas communities made the top 10, with the list of safest cities in Texas as follows:


#1: Colleyville

#2: Keller

#3: Highland Village

#4: Trophy Club

#5: Murphy

#6: Horizon City

#7: Hutto

#8: Friendswood

#9: Flower Mound

#10: West University Place


If you are considering buying a new home, then any of the North Texas communities that made this list would be a great choice. We love Highland Village and Flower Mound, not only because of the low crime rates, but the all-around family friendly atmosphere and close proximity to major thoroughfares. Highland Village, in particular, is like a small town, tucked away along the banks of Lake Lewisville, insulated by larger suburbs. With just 6 square miles, the city is primarily residential, with some retail on the southern and western sides of town. It’s the perfect neighborhood for families that are big on lake amenities, but also want close proximity to major thoroughfares and the area’s top dining and retail options.


Call Jeff Brand & Associates today and let us show you around the safest cities in Texas, including Highland Village, Flower Mound, Colleyville, and Keller!

2018 Brings the Lowest Gap Between Home Prices and Appraisals in 2 Years

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Sellers can breathe a little easier.


With the frenzy of a hot North Texas market and home prices increasing rapidly, it’s hard for appraisals to keep accurate tabs on the housing market. We’ve all heard the horror stories of homes not appraising for what the agreed upon sale price is and the prospective buyer – and seller – scrambling to make it all work.


2018 brings good news for homeowners and prospective buyers alike because, according to Quicken Loans’ Home Price Perception Index data from December, the gap between home prices and appraisals nationally was at just .5% – the lowest it’s been in 2 years.


Dallas Metro Represents Highest Appraised Values vs. Perceived Home Values in the Country

According to the data, each major metro market was evaluated and then averaged out for the national average. While Cleveland represents the most negative gap between home values and appraisals, the Dallas metro represents the highest positive gap. What does this mean? It means homes in North Texas – on average – are appraising for more than what the homeowners are estimating the value to be by about 3%! This is great news for Flower Mound homeowners and those looking to buy in the area as well.

About the Home Price Perception Index

The Home Price Perception Index is put together by Quicken Loans monthly, evaluating the perception gaps that exist between the estimated value homeowners put on their refinance documents, compared with what an appraiser determines. This unique perspective allows a glimpse into the market and what homeowners perceive their home’s worth to be. It’s proprietary data that is collected nationally, and then can be broken down to 27 major metropolitan areas for further evaluation. Visit Quicken Loans for more information.


If you’re interested in learning more about your home’s current value, call an expert at Jeff Brand & Associates today! You might be surprised to learn how much your Flower Mound home is worth.

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