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Jeff Brand Team Real Estate Blog

Jeff Brand Team - The Real Estate Experts


Vickery Park: New Toll Brothers Neighborhood Coming to Copper Canyon, Texas

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Copper Canyon, Texas is a wonderful suburb to live in, so it’s no surprise that Toll Brothers wants in on the action too!


If you’re considering a new home in Copper Canyon, Texas, be on the lookout for a brand new development from Toll Brothers – Vickery Park.


Toll Brothers Vickery Park – Copper Canyon, Texas

On Sept. 10, the Copper Canyon Town Council voted to approve a residential proposal from Toll Brothers for a new construction neighborhood on the south side of FM 407, between Jernigan Road and Copper Canyon Road, to be named Vickery Park. The neighborhood is proposed to be 240 homes spread across 88 acres. The plan allows for 152 of these home to be built on 72’ x 120’ lots; the other 88 would be on 86’ x 145’ lots. Vickery Park is slated to be a gated community, with it’s only access point stemming off of FM 407. Copper Canyon currently has only approx.. 500 homes total with 1 acre lot minimums, so this new development will bring quite a few more homes to the Town of Copper Canyon, Texas.


Residents in Vickery Park can expect plenty of greenbelt and green space, trails, and easy access to the area’s best shopping and dining options. Residents of Copper Canyon love the rural feel, all within minutes of big city amenities.

About Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers is one of the area’s leading builders, building luxury homes across North Texas and 21 other states. When you build a Toll Brothers home, you get award-winning house plans with modern day conveniences tucked in everywhere. You are able to customize your home with design tools that let you see what you’re getting before you even pick your finishes. Gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, dramatic staircases, and more can be yours with a Toll Brothers home in Vickery Park. Toll Brothers also has several other area developments, including Terracina in Flower Mound, Texas – just down the road from Vickery Park.


Jeff Brand Team is your Copper Canyon real estate expert! Call us today to get the latest developments on the proposed Vickery Park Toll Brothers neighborhood, or any other location you’d like to see in Copper Canyon, Highland Village, Argyle, Double Oak, or Flower Mound.

Millennial Home Buying: What They Want in a Home

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Milennials make up approximately 30% of the prospective home buyers out on the market today, making them an important segment to cater to. But how can you make your home millennial friendly? Here are a few things millennials are looking for in a home:


Smart Upgrades

Millennials – those born between 1981 and 1999 – grew up with technology like computers, smart phones, tablets, etc., so it only seems fitting that these technological upgrades extend to the home too. One study even suggests that 86% of the millennials are willing to spend more on a home with smart upgrades. Best places to spend your money to add smart features? Smart door locks, smart thermostats, and remote access features top the list.

Dog Friendly

Millennials love their four-legged friends, and studies have shown that millennials consider their dog when purchasing a home. In fact, one study suggests the desire to have room for their dog outweighed having room for a future spouse or children. Many millennials are waiting to buy a home and to get married, so in the meantime, their dog has been their best friend. This is good news for many Flower Mound area homes, as we have lots of green space and yards for furry friends.


Starter Home? Not Necessarily.

Many millennials have waited to buy a home, and so they aren’t necessarily looking for a traditional starter home. They have the cash to buy something of lasting value and see the higher price tag as an investment in their future. Last year, 30% of millennials spent $300,000 or more on a home.


Suburban Comforts; Urban Conveniences

Studies have shown that the ideal living space for millennials is quite similar to the North Texas landscape! Many want homes in the suburbs vs. urban homes, but they don’t want to give up the conveniences of city life. They enjoy the parks, green space, trails, single family homes vs. townhomes, and quality school districts that come with the suburban home.


These are all great signs for Flower Mound, as we’re one of the best suburbs in North Texas, with amenities millennials crave! Want to learn more about buying a home in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Argyle, Highland Village, Grapevine, or Lantana? Call the Jeff Brand Team today – the best realtor in Flower Mound, Texas.

NOW is the Time to Buy – Housing Market at Slowest Point in the Last 2 Years

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Have you been on the fence about jumping into the market and buying a home?


You could be in your new home by the holidays if you buy now!


According to a new report from the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales were at their lowest point in the last 2 years as of July 2018, capping off a 4 month decline. It will be interesting to see what happens with August numbers, but on a national level, the Western region was the only region to experience any uptick for July.


This July report shows a .7 percent month-over-month decrease over June for existing home sales, encompassing sales for single family homes, condos, townhomes, and co-ops. This also means that sales for July 1018 were 1.5% lower than what we were seeing in July 2017.

Why the Decline?

According to Chief Economist Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors, higher prices are making potential buyer skiddish. Many buyers are waiting for prices to come back down some or for inventory to be higher their designated price ranges.


Another factor is the rising interest rates. They’ve been on a steady uptick since Spring, so higher prices mixed with higher mortgage rates = less affordability all around. The group most pressured by this are first time home buyers who are looking to make their first real estate purchase.


What Does this Mean to Me?

If you are interested in buying a home in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Highland Village, Double Oak, Lantana, Argyle, or any of the surrounding North Texas communitites, now is a great time to snag a deal! Many homes currently on the market missed the summer sales period and the sellers are eager to strike a deal and make concessions they weren’t willing to make a few months ago. Call Jeff Brand Team today – the best Flower Mound realtor – and let us help you find the home that’s right for you!

Selling Your Home: How to Know it’s Time to Move

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Buying and selling real estate is a highly emotional experience.


Once you’ve lived in a house, you naturally become very attached. You pour money into it. You make it a home. As happy as you might be, you may be asking yourself…how will I know it’s the right time for a move? Barring any obvious lifestyle changes, here are 3 signs it’s time to consider selling your home from a financial and comfort standpoint:


  1. You’ve Outgrown Your Home.

Maybe you bought your home as newlyweds, and now – 3 kids later – it’s feeling a bit cramped. Or – maybe a home that was once filled with kids is now empty and it’s just two of you now. While it’s hard to leave a home with so many memories, the stress relief that can come with the right space to fit your needs can be priceless.


  1. Homes In Your Neighborhood are Selling like Gangbusters.

Do you keep up with the comps in your neighborhood? If not, you should. It’s important to keep tabs on the list prices for comparable homes and what they sold for because it will help you know what your own home is worth and when it’s time to move. Watch for an increase in price per square foot and a decrease in “days on the market.” These real estate peaks don’t last forever, so being aware of the market can help you capitalize on your real estate investment. We recommend getting a yearly assessment of value from a top realtor in Flower Mound like Jeff Brand Team, so you can make educated decisions on when to buy and sell your home. The market in North Texas has been very strong for a few years now, and if you’re been in your home for 10 years, it may be a good time to sell and reap the reward for your investment.


  1. Maintenance Costs are Stressing You Out.

Older homes have their charm, but with age, comes maintenance. Not to say new homes don’t have maintenance too, but if you are constantly repairing, replacing, and updating – think about the difference a brand new – or newer home – could make to your lifestyle. And even if you do have a newer home, are you tired of spending money on a lawn service, pool service, etc.? If these extra services are frustrating, maybe it’s time to switch to a lower maintenance home without the hassle.


These are just 3 of the top reasons why selling your home might make sense. If you’re considering whether or not it’s time to move, give Jeff Brand Team a call today! We are the top real estate agent in Flower Mound, Texas and we’ll give you honest advice for all your real estate needs.

Jeff Brand Team can help you figure out when is the right time for selling your home in Flower Mound, Double Oak, Highland Village, and Lewisville.


How to Help Your Child Adjust to a New Flower Mound School

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Welcome to Flower Mound!


You’re found the perfect Flower Mound home for your family, are getting settled in, and the first day of school is looming. Is your child nervous about that first day back at a brand new Flower Mound school?


Jeff Brand Team is here with a few tips on how to make that first day of school an easy adjustment for your child:


Exude Positivity

The first day of school – whether you are at a new school or not – can be daunting. You might have your own reservations about the new school too, but don’t let it show! Your child will take their cues from you as they start at their new Flower Mound school, so exude positivity and it will go a long way toward calming their fears.


Encourage Involvement

Encourage your child to get involved in activities both during and after school to build comradery with other students. Joining clubs, sports teams, etc. will help your child feel included and less like they are on the outside looking in. Joining the PTA is also a great way for you to get involved in the school and get to know other families.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting ample sleep at night will make the adjustment to school easier. Instead of waiting until the night before school starts to begin an earlier bedtime and wake time, start the new sleep schedule a few weeks before to make the adjustment seamless.


Volunteer at the School

Volunteering at school is a great way to check in on your child at school and to show them you are there for them. A familiar smile and hug from you can go a long way toward helping ease any fears about a new school environment.


Have questions about the Flower Mound schools? Feel free to call the best realtor in Flower Mound, Texas with all your questions – whether about the schools or the community in general.

5 Reasons For Sale By Owner Homes Don’t Sell

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

As real estate professionals, we here it a lot:


“I just want to put my home up for sale by owner because it will save me money.”


While this can be true, many considering selling their home For Sale By Owner (FSBO) don’t consider the other qualities a Flower Mound real estate professional brings to helping your home sale fast and at the best price possible. Before listing your home FSBO, consider these 5 reasons why they often don’t sell:


  1. Home is Not Priced Right

Many factors go into determining the proper list price for a home, and it takes experience and proper knowledge of the market to get the price right. FSBOs are often priced too high or are unwilling to budge on price, and this hinders some potential buyers from even considering the home. If you are set on FSBO, then it’s a good idea to get a professional appraisal done to better understand your home’s worth.


  1. Unable to Work Through the Contract Negotiations

There is one thing an experienced real estate agent knows about and it’s how to close the sale. Sure, the price is important, but you also need to know how to handle the clauses, contingencies, and other legal jargon that makes up the real estate contract. Limited knowledge on this topic can create headaches, hiccups at closing, or prevent a sale altogether.


  1. Improper Home Staging

Home staging is an art. In most cases, you can’t just put your home on the market and expect it to sell as-is. Even if it does, it might not sell for as much as it could if you made a few tweaks. A Flower Mound real estate professional can walk the home and point out anything that might hinder a buyer from putting an offer on the house.

  1. Mismanagement of Potential Buyers

Taking calls, scheduling showings, properly screening potential buyers to make sure they are qualified to buy your home – these are all important aspects of selling a home. Many times a homeowner just doesn’t have the time to schedule showings or screen potential buyers, creating time wasted on the wrong people viewing the home or missed opportunities all together.


  1. Lack of Exposure

Often FSBOs just don’t sell because the right buyer doesn’t know about it. A home must get proper marketing exposure so the right people see it and know it’s available. If you’re committed to FSBO, then let’s talk about how to get your home seen by the right industry professionals and potential buyers.


If you are considering selling your Flower Mound home For Sale By Owner, call us today at Jeff Brand Team and let’s talk about what a top real estate agent can do for you.

The Pre-Approval Letter – What You Need to Know

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

If you are beginning the process of buying a home and aren’t sure where to start, a good place to begin is 1) finding a competent Flower Mound realtor who can guide you through the process and 2) getting a pre-approval letter.


What is a Pre-Approval Letter?

The pre-approval letter is a letter from a mortgage institution that says you are vetted and able to afford the home you are looking to purchase. This information is based on the information you provide, along with tax information and pay stubs. It shows a seller and their realtor that you are serious and your offer is legitimate.


Is Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualification the Same Thing?

No. A pre-qualification is simply a verbal commitment from a mortgage lender to give you a loan based on information you provide over the phone, but it doesn’t hinge on any hard facts. For this reason, it is not as valuable as a pre-approval letter. Pre-qualifications can happen almost instantaneously; pre-approvals take a few days for full underwriting.

When is a Pre-Approval Absolutely Necessary?

Again, a pre-approval letter is pretty much always a good idea (unless you are paying cash of course), but here are several situations where it is vital to your offer:


  • Hot Market: In a hot market – like the one we are in now in North Texas – you need to show the seller you are serious and a pre-approval letter helps do just that. It shows that you are vetted and ready to commit to their home.
  • You Appear Risky on Paper: If your credit score isn’t quite A+, you own your own business, just started a new job, etc. – these are all situations where a seller might be leery to take your offer and a pre-approval letter helps to show that you are ready and a mortgage company stands behind your credentials.
  • Unsure How Much You Can Afford: If you are unsure how much house you can afford, then a pre-approval really helps define the parameters on what a bank will lend you and gives you a better idea on price range of homes to begin looking at.


If you’re ready to buy a home in Flower Mound, Argyle, Highland Village, Lantana, Lewisville, Grapevine, or any of the surrounding areas, give the #1 realtor in Flower Mound a call: Jeff Brand & Associates! Our team would love to begin the house hunt with you, guide you through the pre-approval process, and can recommend mortgage lenders we trust and work with daily.

Attention Parents: 5 Often Overlooked Things to Consider When Buying a New Home

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Sure, you checked out the schools and asked around to find out if the neighborhood is family friendly, and you’ll definitely put a baby gate on the stairs. But did you forget a few things when determining whether your house was family friendly or not? If you’re shopping for a Flower Mound family home, then don’t forget to check the following:


  1. Bedroom Placement

Most parents consider how many bedrooms a home has, but don’t forget to check the placement! Consider the stage of life your family is in and whether or not the current bedroom placement works for you. Do you prefer all the kids on the same floor as you? Or would you prefer privacy? If you have an infant, where will the nursery be?


  1. Ample Room in the Hub of the Home

If you have toddlers, then you know they need to be supervised constantly! Sure, a game room or playroom upstairs are great, but not when you’re making dinner and your toddler needs to be within ear shot. When looking for a Flower Mound family home, be sure to consider an open floor plan with ample room in the hub of the home near the living room and kitchen.


  1. Clear View of the Backyard

Unless you want to be outside supervising every single time the kids are in the backyard, be sure to purchase a home that gives you a clear view of the backyard from the main living areas of the home.


  1. Sidewalks

While it’s important to evaluate the street and how busy it is, sidewalks are also great for a family friendly Flower Mound home. Sidewalks invite families to go on walks or bike rides together and they add an extra layer of protection for children from oncoming traffic.


  1. Flat Lot

You may love the look of varying topography, but it’s not great for a Flower Mound family home. Children are less likely to ride bikes on steep streets or driveways, and the game of catch in the backyard could prove difficult if the yard isn’t flat – not to mention – trampolines just don’t work if it’s not flat.

If you’re considering a Flower Mound family home, then call Jeff Brand & Associates today and let us show you the best that Flower Mound has to offer. We are the #1 real estate agent in Flower Mound for a reason!

Top 6 Reasons It’s Time to Buy a Home and Stop Renting

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Renting may seem like a good idea, but with the strong housing market in North Texas, it’s worth it to get your finances in order, buy a home, and grow your money in a long term investment.


Still not sold?


Jeff Brand & Associates – the real estate experts in Flower Mound, Texas – have our top 6 reasons why now is the time to buy a home and stop renting:


#6 – It’s Cheaper


If you look at the numbers, it’s likely going to be cheaper for you to buy a home than it is to continue renting. When you rent, you’re essentially paying the landlord’s payment + profit…so why not make your own payment and then pocket the rest?


#5 – Greater Financial Stability


Owning a home sets you up to grow your credit, provides a safety net of equity in case you are in a pinch, and opens doors with better rates as your credit worthiness increases.


#4 – You Make the Rules


Rental contracts are full of dos and don’ts. Why not trade that list in and do whatever you want to your home?! Own a pet, remodel a bathroom, or paint – the choice is yours.


#3 – Set Payments


As long as you get a fixed rate mortgage, you’ll know exactly what to expect each month for the next 15 or 30 years. Your rent, on the other hand, is subject to change regularly and you can expect that it will.


#2 – No One Can Kick You Out


Owning a home removes the stress of a landlord deciding he’s ready to sell and moving you out of the home unexpectedly. It’s your home sweet home and you can leave whenever you want.


#1 – Forced Savings


Think of each month’s mortgage payment as a deposit into your future. Rent flies out the window – never to be seen again – but owning your home North Texas home allows you to build equity toward long term goals like retirement, college savings for your children, etc.


So what is stopping you? Now is the time to buy a home in North Texas! Call Jeff Brand & Associates and let us help you find your dream home in Flower Mound, Argyle, Lewisville, Highland Village, or Lantana.

Coming Soon: The Villas at Southgate – Flower Mound, Texas

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

As Flower Mound continues to grow, more opportunities for housing have come onto the seen. While Flower Mound had traditionally been home to single-family homes alone, our prime location with quick access to DFW Airport and budding amenities has made it a growing market for young professionals and empty nesters looking to downsize.

This is where The Villas at Southgate come in.


The Villas at Southgate – Flower Mound, Texas

As you come up north on FM2499, you’ll notice a budding development to your right, just before you hit Lakeside Parkway. This plot of land will soon become home to The Villas at Southgate, a new construction Flower Mound community that will have a little over 100 homes within its 17 acre stretch of land.

Builders You Can Trust

The Villas at Southgate are being built by CB Jeni Homes and Normandy Homes. Each builder is known for quality finishes, green building features, and smart home amenities that you will be more than thrilled to come home to.


Smaller Footprint – Less Maintenance

The homes are built on a smaller footprint, with the empty nester or young professional in mind. Less maintenance means more time for the things you love, all without sacrificing the luxuries of a new home or a luxury community.


Neighborhood Amenities

Speaking of amenities, The Villas at Southgate is planned to have parks, access to walking trails, abundance open spaces to be enjoyed, a pool, and more.


Proximity to It All

This location is ideal for the homeowner who wants to get out and do vs. stay home! With easy access to major highways, it’s easy to zip down to DFW International Airport, downtown Dallas, Fort Worth, or experience any of the areas top dining and retail locations.


If you are at all interested in The Villas at Southgate in Flower Mound, Texas, now is the time to begin the conversation! Lots will be selling soon, so call Jeff Brand & Associates today and let us set up a game plan on how to get you into the house of your dreams!

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